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  • Does Unpaid IDEL Trigger a Constructive Dismissal? Court Declines to Answer

    In a recent case, Taylor v. Hanley Hospitality Inc., 2022 ONCA 376, both lawyers asked a three judge panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) to decide whether a law which allows an employer to force an employee to take an unpaid leave under the ESA’s IDEL regulation, which is in effect during the … Read more »

  • Is Secretly Recording A Workplace Conversation Just Cause for Termination?

    More and more employees are secretly recording workplace conversations. Although it not is not a crime to secretly record a workplace conversation if you are a party to it, one judge recently concluded it is just cause for termination. This blog discusses this case. Mercer Celgar Limited Partnership … Read more »

  • Ontario Government Proposes More Employment Laws

    In my last blog, I summarized some new employment laws that the Ontario government passed in December 2021. On February 28, 2022 the Ford government proposed more new employment legislation when it tabled Bill 88. This blog discusses three parts of Bill 88; that is, (i) a new law that would apply to … Read more »

  • Termination Pay for Short Service Employees

    When considering a job offer you need to carefully consider the terms of the termination clause that is included in the written job offer you receive. Employer Friendly Termination Clause in Job Offer When interviewing for a job the employer rarely raises your rights on termination. Instead, the emp … Read more »

  • Employer Update: Recent Changes to Ontario’s Employment Standards Act

    In December 2021, the Doug Ford government amended Ontario’s Employment Standards Act. This blog discusses two of these changes. 1. Prohibition against Non-Compete Agreements As of October 25, 2021, employers are prohibited from entering into employment contracts or other agreements with an employee … Read more »