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  • Long Term Disability Insurance Company Must Pay Punitive Damages

    Another long term disability insurance company has been ordered to pay punitive damages.  This time a Toronto jury found the conduct of Blue Cross warranted a staggering 1.5 million dollar award, on top of the payment of past LTD benefits owing that Blue Cross had refused to pay.     About The Case … Read more »

  • When To Contact A Long Term Disability Lawyer

    Long term disability claims require consideration of numerous legal issues.  These include interpretation of the policy terms and conditions, circumstances in which a claim can be legitimately denied, and legal remedies when claims are improperly denied. Often individuals who are applying for benefi … Read more »

  • Kumarasamy v. Western Life – Long Term Disability & Limitation Periods

      Kumarasamy v. Western Life, 2021 ONCA 849 (CanLII) is an important decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal that confirms a clear an unequivocal denial of long term disability benefits is not required for a limitation period to start.  The decision provides clear guidance on when a lawsuit must b … Read more »

  • Teachers, OTIP, and Long Term Disability

    Teachers in Ontario are usually entitled to long term disability benefits (LTD) coverage through the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP).  It is important to understand your rights when applying for benefits, and especially in the event your disability claim is denied. About OTIP OTIP is a non-pr … Read more »

  • Sun Life and Mental Health LTD Claims

    Sun Life recently released some internal statistics regarding mental health and long term disability claims. The report confirms what many in the industry have suspected for some time: LTD claims for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are on the rise.  In fact, 30% of all long term disa … Read more »