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  • Guide To Long COVID & Disability Benefits

    COVID-19 causes long lasting symptoms in a significant percentage of those infected with the virus. Various terms for this persistent illness have been adopted, including “post-COVID-19 syndrome”, “Long COVID-19”, and “Long Covid”. Some suffers use the term “long hauler”.  The most common symptoms a … Read more »

  • How to choose the best long term disability lawyer

    Being denied long term disability benefits can be a life changing event. You need the best long term disability lawyer possible. But where do you start? Is the best long term disability lawyer the one with the biggest ad campaign? The one you see most on TV? Or are other factors more important? Ulti … Read more »

  • Evidence in Long Term Disability Claims

    Evidence is a word frequently used by lawyers that simply means information and facts that prove something is true.  In a long term disability claim, evidence is required to establish entitlement to benefits. This evidence may include signed forms, clinical notes, and employment information.  If all … Read more »

  • Do CERB Payments Reduce LTD Entitlement?

    Two recent cases shed some light on the issue of whether the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) reduces long term disability (LTD) benefits.   LTD policies typically contain direct and indirect offset provisions, which permit the insurance company to deduct specified sources of income from t … Read more »

  • Major steps in a long term disability lawsuit

    When long term disability benefits are denied, there are usually two options: appeal or lawsuit. Most LTD lawyers will recommend taking legal action, rather than appeal.  There are several reasons for this.  First, an appeal is to the same company that denied the claim.  The insurer has already made … Read more »