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  • Tax Considerations After a Separation or Divorce

    When going through a separation or divorce, many individuals find themselves asking questions related to finances. Issues such as child and spousal support and property division frequently come to mind. However, separating from a spouse may also have subsequent tax consequences to consider. As tax s … Read more »

  • The Contempt Remedy in a Family Law Context

    Parties to family law proceedings may find themselves in contempt of a court order when they breach its directions. Another party may bring a contempt motion as a means of enforcing existing orders. Though they are remedial in nature, contempt findings can result in serious consequences. Particular … Read more »

  • A Voice of the Child Report Brings a Child’s Perspective into Family Litigation

    Children can often be overlooked in family proceedings, despite being significantly impacted by the outcomes of the issues being decided. Legislation directs courts to consider the views and preferences of children, acknowledging their rights distinct from their parents. This approach recognizes a c … Read more »

  • Does an RRSP Withdrawal Impact a Child Support Payment?

    When parties go through a divorce or separation, it is common that one party will be required to pay the other support, the amount of which will be determined by the payor’s income. In the case of child support obligations, the federal Child Support Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) help calculate the q … Read more »

  • Does Child Support Continue Past the Age of Majority?

    A parent’s obligation to financially support their children continues after a divorce or separation and does not automatically end when the child reaches the age of majority. Neither Ontario’s Family Law Act nor the federal Divorce Act specify a cut-off age at which child support stops. Instead, bot … Read more »