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  • Open Access Legal Citation Guide Published by CanLII

    CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute, has published the free Canadian Open Access Legal Citation Guide:”The COAL Citation Guide originated with two primary drivers: the belief that we could create a citation guide that will better meet the needs of Canadian legal writers and researchers … Read more »

  • Recent Library of Parliament Documents

    The Library of Parliament in Ottawa has recently published a number of legislative summaries of important federal bills as well as other documents.Among them are:Gender-based Analysis Plus in Canada: “The Government of Canada uses GBA Plus [Gender-based Analysis Plus ] to assess the impact of legisl … Read more »

  • British Columbia Law Institute Report on Artificial Intelligence and Civil Liability

    The British Columbia Law Institute recently published a Report on Artificial Intelligence and Civil Liability that explains how the current law of tort needs adapting to new realities.Artificial intelligence raises complex issues when it comes to assigning liability for harm to humans, to their prop … Read more »

  • Chief Justice Wagner's Annual News Conference

    Yesterday morning, the Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada, held a news conference to update Canadians on the work of the Supreme Court of Canada and answer questions from journalists.Among other topics, Chief Justice Wagner talked about his concerns regarding disinformation undermining … Read more »

  • Justice Canada Research Digest on Victims of Crime

    Justice Canada regularly publishes the Victims of crime research digest. It is an annual publication featuring short articles.The 2024 edition is now available:”Welcome to the 17th issue of the Victims of Crime Research Digest!”(…)”The goal of the Digest is to make research about victims of crime … Read more »