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  • Weeknote 10, 2023

    §1: Graphical history view of you research on Westlaw §2: Talk to Wikipedia using chatGPT §3: Build datasets with Constellate §4: What is Wikidata and Why You Should Do Data Entry For the Greater Good §5: Note-taking tools for school & life: Notion, Obsidian & PKM §6: Zotero PDF trick: Split horizon … Read more »

  • Weeknote 9, 2023

    §1 “Goblin Mode Gaslighting” and Fair Dealing §2 Ace Attorney Objection Maker §3 The University of Winds is now on Ghost §4 Ken Eklund on Magic Read more »

  • Weeknote 8, 2023

    §1 Find My Cite §2 Make Better Spreadsheets §3 Linklog Read more »

  • Weeknote 7, 2023

    §1 Crucial Voices: The Importance of Representation in Public Institutional Leadership §2 The Law and Technology Lab (LTEC Lab) §3 Linkroll Read more »

  • Weeknote 6, 2023

    §1 The Magic of Small Databases §2 Browse the BBC In Our Time archive by Dewey decimal code §3 When U.S. copyright needed to be renewed, only 25% of books published from 1923 and 1964 were kept out of the public domain §4 Identity politics for librarians §5 Wandering Bard For Hire Read more »