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  • When Can A Lawyer Help Relieve Your Stress?

    Accidents are never planned. They come suddenly and turn someone’s world upside-down. It is no surprise that in the timeframe immediately after an accident, it can be a complete whirlwind. In many cases, the injured person is hospitalized, dealing with numerous medical appointments, specialists meet … Read more »

  • No Fault? No Way!

    Ontario’s “no-fault” car insurance system can be misleading. While it does mean that anyone injured from an accident must seek compensation first from their own insurance company, it does not prevent someone injured from suing the person at fault for the accident.  This is a common myth with car acc … Read more »

  • You Can Handle the Truth! The Examination for Discovery: How do you prepare?

    Many of my clients get anxious when they have to do their examination for discovery and it is understandable why they would – during the discovery they will be asked questions by a lawyer, an unknown experience for most people. We all tend to be nervous for the unknown. And, of course, there is the … Read more »

  • 14 Personal Injury Lawyers Recognized in the 2022 Edition of Best Lawyers

    Congratulations to the following lawyers who have been recognized by their peers and colleagues as leading personal injury lawyers in the 2022 edition of Best Lawyers in Canada Alden Dychtenberg Alysia M. Christiaen Andrew C. Murray Elizabeth Grace Kevin L. Ross Kimberley K. Munro Maia L. Bent Matth … Read more »

  • Proud Sponsor of 2021 Spirit of Schlifer: Our Interview with Deepa Mattoo

    Our lawyers Elizabeth Grace and Carly Moore chat with Deepa Mattoo, Executive Director of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic to learn more about the clinic and the Spirit of Schlifer campaign.  Watch the full interview below, then head over to the clinic’s website to donate!     About the Barb … Read more »