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  • S3E3 – Learning About the Future of Law and Technology

    The legal profession is changing. To help future lawyers keep up, students at the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan will have the opportunity to learn about technology and changes in the legal profession this fall. Meanwhile, the Law Society is launching a short series on law and tech … Read more »

  • S3E2 Law Librarians and their Role in Access to Justice

    We discuss the important role information professionals (i.e. law librarians) play in the justice system and how they are helping expand public access to legal information. Our guests are Alan Kilpatrick, Co-Director of Legal Resources at the Law Society of Saskatchewan, Shaunna Mireau, Past-Preside … Read more »

  • S3E1 Managing the Pandemic – Where We Are and Where We're Headed

    Welcome to Season 3 of Legal Skies! Law Society President Fuloke Laosebikan, Q.C. and Past-President Gerald Tegart, Q.C. discuss how the Law Society responded to the pandemic, how the pandemic changed the legal profession and where we're headed in 2021 . 

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  • S2E8 – Legal Needs Assessment in Saskatchewan

    To better understand the access to justice issues in Saskatchewan, the College of Law and the Law Society of Saskatchewan are launching a Legal Needs Assessment. Our guests include Tim Brown, Q.C., Executive Director at the Law Society of Saskatchewan; Brea Lowenberger, Director of CREATE Justice an … Read more »

  • S2E7 – Affordable Legal Services

    Cost is a significant factor for people trying to access legal services. This episode focuses on how unbundling legal services can be a cost effective and efficient alternative for people looking for legal help. Our guests include John-Paul Boyd, an accredited family law arbitrator based in Alberta, … Read more »