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  • Why Undue Influence During Will Making is Difficult to Prove

    Wills in BC can be ruled invalid if a claimant can prove the testator was under undue influence from an interested party at the time of the will writing. Undue influence is described in British Columbia as “An influence causing the execution of a will which pretends to express the will-maker’s mind, … Read more »

  • Trampoline Parks and Personal Injury Claims

    There’s no doubt that trampoline parks are enjoyable for everyone, but this fun often comes with a huge risk of injury. News stories of people who are injured at trampoline parks filing lawsuits are only becoming more frequent, as those injured at parks seek compensation for damages suffered. Howeve … Read more »

  • Minimizing Probate Fees: Strategies to Maximize Your Estate’s Value

    In BC, most will-writers should expect to have their will go through the probate process, where the courts verify that the will is real and legally valid. When a will goes through probate, the estate is to pay approximately 1.4% of the entire estate’s value in probate fees. Like all debts/fees owed, … Read more »

  • Using Co-Ownership to Break into BC’s Hot Housing Market

    Some of the best staycation spots in British Columbia can be found on short-term rental websites, like Airbnb or Vrbo. Short-term rental properties are becoming an increasingly popular investment, proving profitable in the short-term as they generate revenue through rent, and in the long term as pro … Read more »

  • The Will Isn’t Changed After a Divorce: is the Ex-Spouse Still Entitled to the Estate?

    When a married couple gets a divorce, the spouses sometimes forget to change their will to reflect this major life change – to remove the ex-spouse from their will. When this happens, the divorced spouse can be left receiving a significant portion of an estate because of their ex-spouse’s outdated w … Read more »