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Our blog focuses on plaintiff issues in personal injury, marine law, and estate disputes.

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  • Moving to a Different Province: Do You Need to Write a New Will?.

    When moving to a different country, it’s obvious that the estate laws will be quite different than those of your home country, and an old will probably won’t be valid in this new country. An existing will likely requires a significant update to ensure that it is still valid in your new country of re … Read more »

  • The Careless Estate: Beneficiaries Suing on Behalf of the Estate

    The executor of a will has several responsibilities when administering an estate – including accounting for all estate assets, debts, and money exchanges coming into and out of the estate. When the executor is ready to distribute the estate to the beneficiaries, they are typically required to provid … Read more »

  • Snowboarding Injury & Liability Waivers: When Are They Legally Binding?

    In a tragic incident at Grouse Mountain in 2016, an Australian snowboarder (Apps) seriously injured his spine after an accident on the mountain, resulting in him becoming a quadriplegic. The snowboarder, sued Grouse Mountain Resorts (Grouse) for negligence and breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act, … Read more »

  • Adoption and Inheritance: What You Need To Know

    While BC has relatively generous estate laws for children who have been unfairly disinherited, estate planning or litigation can become complicated for families who have either adopted children or given children up for adoption. When there are no valid reasons to disinherit, by law, parents and spou … Read more »

  • Incapacitated without a Power of Attorney and/or Representation Agreement?

    It’s common for there to come a time in life when a person needs assistance to make important personal decisions, including financial, medical, or legal decisions. Old age, injury, and mental illness are some factors that can leave an adult unable and incapable of making their own decisions. Before … Read more »