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  • 91: Social Justice Law (Alexi Wood)

    On our Season 10 premiere, we chat about activism and social justice law issues, featuring Alexi Wood. Topics:”ag gag” and farm activism; retaliatory litigation; civility in the legal profession; and our Ask-Me-Anything Program. This program contains 30 minutes of substantive content for the Law Soc … Read more »

  • 90: Workplace Investigations Law (Christine Thomlinson)

    On our Season 9 finale, we wrap up with an important conversation with Christine Thomlinson about recent cases and issues in workplace investigations law. Topics: participation in toxic workplace cultures; improper investigations; duties of care owed by investigators; and our Ask-Me-Anything Program … Read more »

  • 89: Psychedelics Law (David Wood)

    On this week’s episode, we’re chatting all about the changing rules involving psychedelics and other controlled substances, featuring lawyer and leading expert, David Wood. Topics: Alberta’s regulation of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy; healthcare practitioners’ access to psychedelics; Canada’s … Read more »

  • 88: Cryptocurrency Law (Sohaib Mohammad)

    This week, we’re speaking about the rules involving bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets featuring cryptocurrency lawyer, Sohaib Mohammed. Topics: the Code is Law defence, asset-freezing orders for cryptocurrencies and investor protection for crypto asset trading platforms This program contain … Read more »

  • 87: Public Health Law (Jess Szabo)

    This week, we’re speaking with Jess Szabo about all things related to public health law: MAID and mental illness; forced transfers to long-term care homes; and private actors in the public healthcare system. This program contains 30 minutes of substantive content for the Law Society of Ontario’s CPD … Read more »