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  • BONUS EP 2 – Finding Purpose in Public Sector Work (Susheel Gupta)

    In our latest bonus episode of Lawyered Unplugged, we speak with Susheel Gupta about finding purpose in the public sector. Susheel is a Canadian lawyer whose incredible story, stemming from a tragic murder, spurred him to serve in numerous impressive roles in the federal public sector, including as: … Read more »

  • 60: Race and the Law (Joshua Sealy-Harrington)

    It’s our Season 6 finale, and we’re capping it off with a chat about race and the law, featuring minority rights advocate, Joshua Sealy-Harrington. Topics: critical race theory; the Statement of Principles in the Law Society of Ontario;  police carding; and our Ask-Me-Anything segment. Full Episode … Read more »

  • 59: Agricultural Law (KJ Chong)

    In this conversation, we speak about the growing (pun intended) world of agricultural law, with KJ Chong, legal counsel from BroadGrain Commodities. Topics: food exporting and safety during COVID; the one-page agreement for the agricultural sector; new grain declarations in NAFTA 2.0 and our Ask-Me- … Read more »

  • 58: Legal Issues in the Gig Economy (Alexandra Monkhouse)

    This week, we’re focusing on the legal issues impacting freelancers and gig economy workers, with the help of employment lawyer, Alexandra Monkhouse. Topics: the impacts of coronavirus on the gig economy; the “Uber” case of unconscionability; the unionization of gig economy workers; and our Ask-Me-A … Read more »

  • 57: Artificial Intelligence Law (Noel Corriveau)

    On this episode, we’re looking to the future with technology lawyer, Noel Corriveau, about the evolving world of artificial intelligence law. Topics: the shift of law as a data-driven activity; reconciling human rights with AI; international policies to regulate AI; and our Ask-Me-Anything segment! … Read more »