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  • Damages for Parental Alienation?

    Parental alienation is a most insidious form of child abuse, a phenomenon that leaves children scarred and innocent parents victimized.  If and when the child is returned, the healing process begins, though often times the damage is difficult to repair and the financial and emotional wear and tear i … Read more »

  • Shark Tank Star Loses His Appeal

    Robert Herjavec, of Shark Tank and Dancing With the Stars fame, not surprisingly, lost his appeal to overturn a $125,000 per month spousal support order resulting from a 4-week trial in 2018. While Wikipedia and other sites claim his net worth is $200 million dollars, the actual number is far less. … Read more »

  • Season’s Greetings

    PLEASE ACCEPT without obligation, express or implied, these best wishes for an environmentally safe, socially responsible, low-stress, non addictive, and gender neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday as practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your ch … Read more »

  • “Shadow Trial” Argument Rejected in Special Costs Appeal

    Berthin v. Berthin 2020 BCCA 376 is another high-conflict case described by the chambers judge as an “unenvious litigation odyssey”, an apt characterization considering the court action was commenced in 2011 and led to 19 reported decisions in the BC courts. Ten of the court’s judgments related to t … Read more »

  • Judge Remains Seized: Is That Ever an Error in Law?

    The question of a judge’s refusal to “unseize” herself was considered by the Ontario Court of Appeal in DG v. AF 2015 ONCA 290. The parties were engaged in high-conflict custody litigation, a scenario where the appellant mother, who had supervised access to her children, refused to accept the trial … Read more »