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  • Appeal Court Reviews Multiple Parenting Concepts: S. 211 Experts, Parenting Coordinators, Maximum Contact

    This week the Court of Appeal had the opportunity to review and analyze a number of propositions related to the parenting of children, touching on s. 211 experts, parenting coordinators, final decision-making responsibility, and the Divorce Act’s principle of “maximum contact” with each parent. MFW … Read more »

  • Court Refuses to Set Aside Consent Order for Med/Arb

    The Court in Streifel v. Forcier 2020 BCSC 1346 considered the wife’s application to set aside a consent order, which provided that the parties’ family law trial would be adjourned and that a med/arb would take place with a specified arbitrator.  Shortly after agreeing to the order, the wife fired h … Read more »

  • Hang Down Your Head George Dooley

    George Dooley, of Nova Scotia, came to court seeking to be relieved of his monthly spousal support obligation to his ex-wife, Bernice Dooley, which came into effect in May 2014. The Dooley’s had been married for 34 years, and at the time he sought to vary the spousal support of $5,000 a month, each … Read more »

  • The World’$ Riche$t Lawyers

    If you think all lawyers are rich, you’d be wrong. Money Inc. reports in 2016 that the average salary for lawyers in the United States is $133,000 per year. The average for Canadian lawyers is less than that. But there are a group of lawyers worldwide who have made a fortune from practicing law, not … Read more »

  • When Will Our Judges Speak Out Forcefully Against Perjury?

    Ngo v. Do, 2017 BCSC 83 (CanLII) by Georgialee Lang BA JD FCIArb In yet another British Columbia family law decision, the court fails to denounce, in the strongest terms, a litigant whose testimony is rife with lies. Yes, this judge addresses credibility, but in the same anemic way that permeates mo … Read more »