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  • Heading in a new direction

    It was February, and I was in Chicago. I was there to attend ABA TECHSHOW, for the first time in what felt like ages. And I was mostly hanging out in the trade show between sessions, meeting some Twitter friends in person for the first time and running into old friends who I’d first met […] The post … Read more »

  • Lawyer licensing and competence in Alberta

    I’m very pleased to let you know about Lawyer Licensing and Competence in Alberta: Analysis and Recommendations, a report written by me for the Law Society of Alberta. The law society’s Benchers (the elected lawyer directors of the province’s legal services regulator) accepted the report and all of … Read more »

  • The end of serendipity

    I plan to write about law firms a little less often in future, as part of a shift in the focus of my work (more about that in an upcoming post). But lately I’ve been thinking about the lessons law firms have been learning (or not) from the pandemic, and I wanted to share some […] The post The end of … Read more »

  • Burn the ships

    Someone emailed me the other day to ask whether I had contracted COVID-19, because I hadn’t posted anything here in several months. I took that as a hint to start writing again. I’m fine, fortunately, and so is my family, and I sincerely hope the same is true for you. I’ve been active on Twitter […] … Read more »

  • Pandemic X: To the class of 2020

    Part 1: What we’re up against Part 2: Justice system down Part 3: Justice reconstructed Part 4: Lawyer formation disrupted Part 5  Lawyer formation rescued Part 6: Lawyer formation re-engineered Part 7: Law firm essentials Part 8: Law firm transitions Part 9: Law firm transformation This tenth and f … Read more »