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  • Taking a new path forward

    This will be my last post here at the Law21 blog for awhile. It’s also my first post here in a while, and these two are connected. Today, I’m launching a Substack newsletter that will effectively replace this blog. This is a pretty major change for me, and I feel I owe you an explanation of […] The … Read more »

  • Why competence-based licensure would make the law degree unnecessary

    Requiring an aspiring lawyer to earn a law degree before they can begin the lawyer licensing process is an unnecessary and unfair barrier to entering the legal profession. The requirement should be dropped. That’s (probably) the most controversial proposal in the report I submitted to the Law Societ … Read more »

  • A competence-based lawyer licensing system in British Columbia

    You might have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, or why I’ve written so little here in the past several months. Okay, you weren’t wondering about that at all, but the answer is this: I’ve been immersed in a major project for a Canadian legal regulator that I’ve had to keep under wraps […] … Read more »

  • The associate salary deception

    When your average baseball fan goes to a ballgame these days, invariably he grumbles about the expense — $50 tickets, $15 beers, $9 hot dogs, and so forth. “It’s those greedy players,” he complains to the guy next to him. “They make millions of dollars, so the club has to charge high prices for ever … Read more »

  • The intentional law office

    I want you to concentrate. Cast your mind back. Try to recall what life was like in the Before Times. Do you remember … The Commute? Way back, before the pandemic, many of us would leave our homes early in the morning and travel to our collective workspaces. Then, when we were finished doing all […] … Read more »