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  • Beekeeping and Property Taxes – How many hives are enough?

    AS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE RURAL VOICE: Beekeeping, not bookkeeping.  The Assessment Review Board (“ARB”) recently issued a decision in which the number of beehives kept by a property owner was the deciding factor in denying him farm classification for his property.  The ARB agreed with the posi … Read more »

  • Subdivision Control – A Checkerboarded Past and Future

    AS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE RURAL VOICE:There was a time in Ontario when property owners were at liberty to subdivide their property without municipal consent.  An owner in the nineteenth century to whom the Crown granted a 200-acre parcel could divide the parcel into smaller pieces and convey th … Read more »

  • Utility Easements and Swimming Pools – A Costly Combination

    AS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE RURAL VOICE: In conducting a title search on a property, it is not uncommon to discover one or more registrations for easements for public and even private utility services.  A municipality may have an easement for a sewer line through a property or an easement for acc … Read more »

  • The Latest and Greatest in Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments

    AS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE RURAL VOICE: In a previous article, I wrote about an “Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument” or “OPCA” that had made its way to the Ontario Court of Appeal.  In that particular case, the OPCA litigants claimed not to be subject to the Income Tax Act, the Excise Tax … Read more »

  • ERT overturns OMAFRA decision, approves NASM Plan for sewage biosolids

    AS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE RURAL VOICE:The use of Non-Agricultural Source Materials (“NASMs”) in Ontario agriculture is on the rise.  NASMs are materials capable of being applied as a nutrient to farmland that do not come from agricultural sources.  Examples include leaf and yard waste, fruit an … Read more »