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  • What are Accident Benefits?

    Accident Benefits, otherwise known as no-fault benefits or SABS (a shortform taken from the piece of law called the Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule), are “benefits” that you are entitled to receive from your OWN insurance company after an accident to pay for such things as: Income replacement be … Read more »

  • What is CPP Disability?

    What is CPP Disability? Will I qualify? You have likely heard about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) throughout your working life, but many Canadians do not realize that the CPP also offers a Canada Pension Disability Benefits for those who cannot work.  CPP is a program offered by the Canadian governm … Read more »

  • Bicycle Accidents in Ontario: Who’s at Fault?

    Since COVID started in 2020, our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have seen a substantial rise in the amount of bicycle accidents in the Burlington and Hamilton areas, particularly this past summer. Also, the injuries that we have seen in 2021 traffic-cycling accidents seem to have resulted in quite … Read more »

  • Getting a settlement in a slip and fall case

    If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall in Ontario you may be entitled to compensation depending on whether you’ve suffered damages and whether or not you can prove “liability” or fault on behalf of the property owner(s) where you fell. Slip and falls can no doubt cause extremely serious traumatic … Read more »

  • Getting Back to Work after a Spinal Cord Injury

    Undeniably, numerous challenges exist for people with spinal cord injuries who decide to take these first “steps” back to life – with work being one of them. Moreover, once on the job, disabled people often have to contend with additional obstacles, both physical and emotional. Many buildings and tr … Read more »