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  • House of Bills: An Update on the Legislature

    In our last House of Bills update before the summer adjournment, the Legislature was scheduled to return on September 13. However, on September 3 Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives announced that they would be proroguing the legislature until after the federal election. With the September 8 proclam … Read more »

  • Finding Statutes on HeinOnline

    While many know that HeinOnline is a great resource for secondary source material like journal articles, it’s important to remember that it is also a great resource for digitized copies of federal and provincial statutes. Another important thing to remember: all Law Society of Ontario licensees enjo … Read more »

  • Myths of Legislative Research: Part 3 – Bills

    This week in our myth-busting mini-series we focus on bills, bills, bills! #11 Myth: Federal bills and Ontario bills are formatted the same way Fact: While both Federal and Ontario bills follow sequential numbering, Federal bills are assigned a letter to signify where the bill originated. For exampl … Read more »

  • Myths of Legislative Research: Part 2 – Source Notes and Hansard

    We are continuing our mini-series on myths of legislative research this week, focusing on those myths that often surround source notes and Hansard material. #6 Myth: The list of source notes included at the end of each section of consolidated law is comprehensive Fact: The list of source notes at th … Read more »

  • Myths of Legislative Research   

    There are many common myths surrounding legislation and legislative research, and these myths have the potential of running researchers into a fair bit of trouble. In this new blog post miniseries, we’ve decided to take a crack at dispelling and demystifying those myths that the average researcher m … Read more »