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  • Ontario Corporate Tax Rates Explained

    Ontario Corporate Tax Rates Explained Tax rules are complex; however we have simplified and summarized the salient elements of the taxation of Ontario corporations in this short article. A corporation’s tax rate is determined by the characterization of income that flows into the corporation, and not … Read more »

  • Ontario’s Staycation 2022 Tax Credit

    Ontario’s Staycation 2022 Tax Credit If you live in Ontario, did you know you can get money back for having a staycation this year? That’s right, Ontario residents can claim 20% of their eligible accommodations expenses when filing their 2022 personal income tax and benefits return. The temporary On … Read more »

  • How to Fund Your Small Business With CSBFP

    How to Fund Your Small Business With CSBFP Obtaining a loan is an excellent way to finance an early-stage business. Loans allow you to fund your enterprise without yielding any control of the business to equity shareholders. However, new businesses without an established credit history may struggle … Read more »

  • Amazon or eBay: Which Online Sales Platform is Best?

    Amazon or eBay: Which Online Sales Platform is Best? Whether you are expanding your brick-and-mortar into wider markets, or starting an online business from scratch, online marketplaces have much to offer. They provide access to a large customer-base, while also providing tools to list, promote, and … Read more »

  • Letter of Intent, Words and Actions

    Letter of Intent, words and actions – be aware you may have entered into a binding deal Enforceability is not always built into an agreement. Struggling to determine what makes a contract enforceable can cause problems in any business transaction.  In its recent decision in Ruparell v. J.H. Cochrane … Read more »