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  • Replaying or Abandoning That Forgotten Gem

    You’re at concert and the band is playing all your favourite hits. Suddenly, you hear something unfamiliar, and you realize the band is playing a deep cut. Are you disappointed or thrilled to hear a lost gem? We recently attended a Toto concert and were reminded of the forgotten gem below. After of … Read more »

  • True Colours: Finding Your Place in the Profession

    Do a Google Images search for the term “lawyer”. You may not be surprised to see pretty much the same image over and over again. Navy or grey suit in a courtroom setting. Your basic Matlock or Ally McBeal look. But that hasn’t been my experience nor the experience of countless other lawyers I know. … Read more »

  • Here I Am (Come and Take me) – Putting Yourself Out There

    I recently attended a conference and was approached by a fellow lawyer who I like and respect – and she admitted to being a fan of this little blog. Now I’m aware of the blog’s stats and intellectually understand that folks read it on occasion. But having someone tell me in person that they read it … Read more »

  • Know When to Hold ‘Em – Work and the Poker Face

    I know I don’t have the best poker face. Watching myself in virtual meetings confirmed how expressive my face can be when listening to others – for better or for worse. I’ve wondered if there’s a way to still to maintain my emotional self in the workplace but somehow better harness ‘the face’. An ar … Read more »

  • He Ain’t Heavy – Helping Those That Come Behind us

    I recently attended a practice management presentation and was surprisingly surprised by something I heard from one of the speakers when discusisng mentoring: studies show that people who endured challenges in the past were less likely to show compassion for someone facing the same struggle, compare … Read more »