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  • Federal Court

    The Federal Court issued two Practice Notices today: Document Retention Schedule – Set a 7-year and 15-year retention guidelines for court file materials pursuant to Rule 23.1. COVID #7 – Closing of the registry in Ontario and Quebec for in-person activities with new guidance on virtual hearings and … Read more »

  • CSPs

    As part of a number of UK/EU/Brexit amendments published today, the Certificate of Supplementary Protection Regulations were amended to add the UK as a “prescribed country”in addition to the EU. As noted in the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement: In order to qualify for a CSP, applicants must file … Read more »

  • Happy New Year!

    Here’s hoping that 2021 is more normal! Thanks for another year with IPPractice. 450,000 emails sent to over 1800 subscribers with reports on over 150 IP-related decisions and 300 new proceedings. If you find this  service helpful or interesting, please feel free to contribute to IPPractice! Read more »

  • Fees

    A number of fees at CIPO are increasing by 2% as of January 1, 2021 due to application of the Service Fees Act. As a result, the fees listed in schedules in the various regulations, such as Schedule 2 to the Patent Rules, may no longer be accurate. For example, the regular patent filing fee … Contin … Read more »


    Implementation of the new Patented Medicines Prices Review Board regulations that were due to come into force on January 1, 2021 have been delayed by six-month. The coming-into-force was previously delayed from July 1st and the regulations have been subject to several legal challenges. See earlier p … Read more »