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“IPilogue is a blog populated with entries from students at Osgoode Hall Law School as well as postings from guest bloggers around the globe. The blog contains comments and thoughts about current pressing intellectual property, technology, privacy and related legal issues.”

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  • Canada Officially Launches its Innovation Asset Collective

    With introductory remarks by ISED Minister, the honourable Mr. Navdeep Bains, Canada launched its Innovation Asset Collective (IAC) on December 9, 2020. This $30 million pilot program founded and directed by Chris Wormwald, Jim Hinton, and Peter Cowan is aimed at supporting Canadian IP growth and re … Read more »

  • The IP Innovation Clinic Presents the first AI-backed CHATBOT

    On January 29, 2021 the IP Innovation Clinic is excited to launch its new AI-backed chatbot. This innovative technology is designed to support under-resourced entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and the creative community across Canada and beyond. Among the many highlights at the launch, will be N … Read more »

  • Working Remotely during COVID-19 and its Privacy Risks

    As our global society experiences the second wave of COVID-19, it is likely that workers will continue to work remotely and not be returning to their offices anytime soon. The number of remote working options spiked in May of 2020 increasing the amount of jobs done from home to 3.3 million more than … Read more »

  • What Is a Defective Medical Device?

    The patents protected by intellectual property laws are an indispensable tool for fostering innovation, and this is particularly true with the increasing advent of life saving medical devices. However, too often, even after extensive testing, things can go wrong, threatening the life of those the de … Read more »

  • Bracing for Impact – Cyber Challenges to Human Rights

    On December 1, 2020, I had the pleasure of attending IP Osgoode’s Bracing for Impact conference series. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this episode of the series was held online in the form of a webinar. This year’s theme was cyber challenges to human rights, which is increasingly becoming one of the … Read more »