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  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office closing regional mailrooms

    From email July 28, 2021: “Please note that as of August 16, 2021, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) regional mailrooms will no longer accept correspondence on behalf of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The designated establishments include the mailrooms in … Read more »

  • Liability for pure economic loss

    Liability for pure economic loss resulting from careless statements governed by Hedley Byrne & Co. v. Heller & Partners Ltd. (1963, HL).  The 5 required elements for a Hedley Byrne analysis (Queen v. Cognos) are: 1.  Must exist a duty of care based on a “special relationship” between the representor … Read more »

  • Bankruptcy and secured creditors

    Just a short quote from the Ontario Court of Appeal, while I am looking at it, clarifying that bankruptcy does not interfere with secured creditors. [89]         The policy of the BIA is not to interfere with the rights of secured creditors in realizing upon their security. Frank Bennett, in Bennett … Read more »

  • Damages difficult to precisely estimate?

    Doesn’t matter. Do it anyway. [6]               Damages are difficult to precisely quantify in this case.  In our view, a reasonable estimate of damages is $40,000.  We arrive at this figure taking into account the value of the business as a whole that was derived from Personal Service, Elite Coffee … Read more »

  • One corporate representative at examinations

    Quick note that in Stillwater Capital Corp. v. Titanium Logistics Inc. 2016 ONSC 1465, the court permitted only one representative of the corporate defendant to be present at the discovery of the plaintiff. The post One corporate representative at examinations appeared first on Jonathan Mesiano-Croo … Read more »