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  • Struck Corporations, Land Titles, and Tax in Alberta—Part 2

    Corporate Matters Still Matter This is a follow-up to a previous blog post about the real estate woes of a corporate client who was in hot water because of an outstanding mortgage balance, loss of ownership of the property, and a huge tax bill to boot. At long last, there has been progress on this c … Read more »

  • Renovated Basements Without Permits and Inspections Come Back to Haunt Buyers

    Podcast Episode 131: “Renovation Heartbreak.” Dishonest, fly-by-night, or even inexperienced renovators can leave a trail of heartbreak. Buyers happily move into their newly-purchased, freshly-renovated home, but problems often don’t show up till later. Here are three recent scenarios from my real e … Read more »

  • Third Preventable Flood at Alberta Home; Who Is Liable?

    Podcast Episode 130: “Third Flood.” Recently, some Alberta homeowners finally ran out of patience when their property was flooded—again. They lived on the lower end of a sloped street, and water flowed down the block from the higher end when it rained. The curb had slumped in front of their home, al … Read more »

  • Should a Buyer Accept Title Insurance in Lieu of a Real Property Report and Compliance?

    Podcast Episode 129: “Home-buyer’s Dilemma.” Seems like I’m always finding examples to write about regarding real property reports (RPR) and how they fit into a real estate transaction in Alberta. Land surveys, as RPRs are also known, should be simpler than they are. The standard AREA/MLS contract s … Read more »

  • Agreements For Sale (AFS) Focus Workshop

    An All-Day, Virtual, Real Estate Investing Event: Saturday, August 22nd. Now Is the Perfect Time for the Agreement for Sale Strategy. The past few years of economic activity (or lack thereof), government ‘tinkering’ with the mortgage rules, and financial uncertainty, have created a perfect storm for … Read more »