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  • New Journal: Transnational Criminal Law Review

      I am very pleased to be one of the founding co-editors of a brand-new, open-access and fully-peer reviewed journal, the Transnational Criminal Law Review. Please see our launch announcement, below! —————————————————– The Founding Board of Editors are pleased to a … Read more »

  • Cullen Commission Releases Long-Awaited Report on BC Money Laundering

      As has been widely reported, the Commission of Inquiry Into Money Laundering in British Columbia, led by BC Supreme Court Justice Austin Cullen, has released its long-awaited report into the scope and significant issues relating to money laundering in this Canadian province. As readers will know, … Read more »

  • Supreme Court of Canada Strikes Down Life Without Parole – Implications for Extradition?

      Today the Supreme Court of Canada issued its decision in R. v. Bissonnette, which was a constitutional challenge to a section of Canada’s Criminal Code that allowed for the imposition of “stacked” life sentences. The mandatory sentence for first degree murder in Canada is life without a possibilit … Read more »

  • BCCA Issues Significant Decision on Specialty in Extradition

      The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently issued its decision in Graham v. Canada (Minister of Justice), yet another step in the long-running story of the mysterious and tragic death of Anna Mae (Pictou) Aquash, an Indigenous Canadian woman who was murdered in South Dakota in 1975. It is a sig … Read more »

  • Histories of Transnational Criminal Law Published

      A couple of years ago I posted about a wonderful conference that I attended in Hannover, Germany, entitled “Histories of Transnational Criminal Law.” The conference was organized by Profs. Neil Boister, Sabine Gless and Florian Jeßberger, and featured an all-star cast of academics who work in this … Read more »