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  • Issues in the Recovery of eDiscovery Costs

    Candice Chan-Glasgow                                       Director, Review Services and Counsel October 25, 2023   A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice illustrates the advantage of having eDiscovery counsel assist parties to understand costs implications and how to claim and o … Read more »

  • Document Production Disputes Exacerbate Access to Justice Challenges in Canada

    Candice Chan-Glasgow Director, Review Services and Counsel   August 28, 2023   Civil courts across the country are facing lengthy delays and backlogs. These growing delays increase costs and deny litigants the ability to access timely financial relief and move on with their lives. Indeed, delay is o … Read more »

  • Document Dumps May Cost You

      Michael Ross Associate   Document Dumps May Cost You   A recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Gowing Contractors Ltd v. Walsh Construction Company Canada, 2023 ONSC 4407, confirms there will be cost consequences to parties whose productions contain a significant proportion o … Read more »

  • Clarification — Redactions of Irrelevant Information

    Michael Ross Associate   June 9, 2023 A recent family law decision from the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, MBH v CKI, 2023 ABKB 284, clarifies the principles that apply in Alberta to redactions of non-privileged irrelevant information from otherwise relevant and material records.   The Court cons … Read more »

  • Is it Really Possible to Accurately Review Close to a Million Emails Over a Weekend?

    Heuristica Discovery Counsel   February 6, 2023   Q: Is it really possible to accurately review close to a million emails over a weekend? A: It depends.   In connection with an ongoing controversy about alleged inappropriate emails sent from the Premier’s office to the provincial prosecutorial servi … Read more »