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  • Are Search Terms Producible?

    Vladyslav (Vlad) Strashko Associate   August 12, 2021   The Ontario Superior Court recently had to address an interesting question: “Are the search terms used to identify relevant documents producible?”   In Falsetto v. Salvatore Fillipo Falsetto a.k.a. Sam Falsetto et al., 2021 ONSC 4168 (CanLII), … Read more »

  • eDiscovery Preparedness – Data Processing

    Candice Chan-Glasgow Director, Review Services and Counsel   July 16, 2021   After potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) has been identified, preserved, and collected, it must be processed.  Processing is converting the ESI to a usable format for review and analysis.  Before p … Read more »

  • What Ontario Courts are Saying about Redaction of Confidential or Sensitive Information

    Catia Amorim Associate   July 13, 2021   The Superior Court of Justice recently reiterated the test to be met when it comes to redaction of otherwise relevant documents.   In Marsella v. BDBC, 2021 ONSC 3276, a wrongful dismissal case, the plaintiff sought production of unredacted copies of certain … Read more »

  • eDiscovery Preparedness – Custodian Interviews

    T. James Cass Manager, Review Services and Senior Counsel   July 7, 2021   Custodian interviews are an important and necessary part of the identification phase of an eDiscovery project. Early interviews are necessary to develop a proportionate and defensible discovery plan.    The purpose of the int … Read more »

  • eDiscovery Preparedness – Discovery Planning

    Candice Chan-Glasgow Director, Review Services and Counsel   June 22, 2021   Previous blog posts have discussed document management systems and provided some tips that can be implemented prior to a dispute or investigation, such as the creation of a Data Map at the outset of an eDiscovery project.  … Read more »