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  • Atlanta Attorney John E. Hall Jr. Talks about Physician Defense

    Attorney John E. Hall, Jr. set out to build Hall Booth Smith into the finest litigation firm in the Southeastern US and he’s done just that. John is, among other things, a highly respected and experienced physician defense lawyer. His exceptional skill landed him a position on the National Counsel, … Read more »

  • Learn More About Angela King, RN, Legal Nurse Consultant, Expert Witness

    In this short but personal podcast Angela King talks about her background, her family and how she spends her time when she’s not busy being a nurse.  She offers some great advice for her younger self, to nurses just starting out and talks about the career path she would have chosen if she hadn’t bee … Read more »

  • Two Obstetrical Nurse Experts Talk it Out; Chris Rokosh sits down with Angela King

    In this episode of Inside Medical Malpractice, Chris Rokosh sits down with Ontario Perinatal Nurse expert witness Angela King.  Listen in as these two share a wealth of experience as Obstetrical experts, hard working Labor and Delivery nurses, mothers, and care providers.  Don’t miss the hearing abo … Read more »

  • Learn More about Randy Kinnard

    In this brief, but honest interview Randy Kinnard shares how he spends his time when he’s not busy lawyering and talks about the people who helped shape his life. I’m pretty sure he named Thumper the Rabbit as one of his biggest influences (!) Randy talks about the struggle to overcome survivor guil … Read more »

  • Nashville 'Super Lawyer' Randy Kinnard Shares Amazing War Stories

    Attorney Randy Kinnard is considered one of the best lawyers in Nashville.  He is a highly respected legal professional and a decorated Vietnam veteran who has been recognized by countless organizations for his exceptional skill in and out of the courtroom.  His secret?  An emphasis on professional … Read more »