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  • 689 – Roe v. Roe Retrospective – A Will Challenge

    This week on Hull on Estates, Doreen So and Kiran Sanghera discuss Will Challenges and the case of Roe v Roe.    Links: Insane Delusion  Banton v. Banton, 1998 CanLII 14926 (ON SC) Tate v. Gueguegirre The Challenge of Appealing a Will Challenge Read more »

  • #688 – Estate Freezes and Net Family Property Equalization.

    On this week’s episode of Hull on Estates, and have a follow-up discussion on Stuart’s about Estate Freezes and Net Family Property Equalization. Cases discussed:   Stone v. Stone, (ON CA)   Reisman v. Reisman, (CanLII) Read more »

  • 687 – Retract a Renunciation

    This week on Hull on Estates, Natalia Angelini and Haley Daniel discuss the retraction of renunciation of appointment as estate trustee. They analyze two recent court decisions Hunt v Hunt and Soo Estate and how this may impact the ability to retract a renunciation.   Links: Blog: Hunt v Hunt: Soo E … Read more »

  • 686 – The Absentees Act and the case of Grover v. Vaid

    This week on the podcast Jonathon Kappy and Geoffrey Sculthorpe discuss the The Absentees Act and how it impacts the case for Grover v Vaid, 2023 ONSC 5931.  Research Links: Case: Absentees Act: Declarations of Death Act:  Read more »

  • 685 – Sham Trusts: Exploring a Purported Settlor’s Intentions

    This week on Hull on Estates, Nick Esterbauer and Doug Higgins review the decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in McGoey (Re), 2019 ONSC 80. Through this unique case and its interesting evidentiary issue, Nick and Doug discuss the concept of a “sham” trust, and the principles applied by … Read more »