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  • Facial recognition to authenticate, identify

    Should facial recognition be banned? Many think so.You can even buy clothing that is designed to make it difficult for facial recognition software to identify us.Authenticate vs IdentifyWe need to distinguish facial recognition used to identify from that used to authenticate. When used to identify t … Read more »

  • Is it Human or is it AI?

    AI-generated content is a hot topic. How will we know that something has been written by AI rather than humans, and does it matter?It can indeed matter. Especially if someone creates something using AI and passes it off as their own, or as someone else’s. A student writing an essay, for example. Pla … Read more »

  • Data Privacy Week: Protect yourself online

    Data Privacy Week from January 22 to 28, 2023 is an international effort to raise awareness about data privacy.Privacy Laws and Best Practices are EvolvingThe Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) — the new Federal privacy legislation to replace the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Do … Read more »

  • 7 legal & tech issues for business in 2023

    Here are some legal/tech issues for business to keep in mind for 2023. Artificial IntelligenceAI has resulted in a plethora of ethical standards. Prominent issues include transparency in decision-making and embedded bias. An AI law has been proposed in the European Union. In Canada, the proposed new … Read more »

  • 10 ways to guard tech gifts against malware

    To reduce the chances of malware on your tech and keep it secure, consider the following when buying, giving, or receiving anything that connects to the internet. If you get a used device, that device might be infected. Clean it before you use it. Restore it to factory settings and run a virus check … Read more »