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  • Collection of Emergency Loan for Canadians Abroad

    CERB recovery is not the only collection letter being sent by the Canadian government related to COVID-19 pandemic support. Canadians who still owe money under the Emergency Loan for Canadians Abroad program are also receiving repayment requests. The Canadian government offered temporary travel loan … Read more »

  • Bankruptcy vs Debt Settlement. Which is Better?

    Which describes your current financial situation? You are struggling with payments on your bills and credit cards You are drowning in debt and facing threats of legal actions from creditors When facing extreme financial hardship and significant debt, you need a solution that can help you get out of … Read more »

  • How COVID-19 Affected Household Debt in 2020

    Normally at the end of every year I would reflect on how household debt fared throughout the year and choose ten statistics that tell the story. But this year, the debt story is complicated. Averages and year-end numbers don’t necessarily explain what happened. The year began with growing insolvency … Read more »

  • What is Meant by Credit History and How Do You Influence It?

    If you carry a credit card or have a cell phone contract, you have a credit history. The more you borrow, the more history you have. Your credit history is more than your credit score and it’s more than just something to worry about when you want to apply for credit; it’s a snapshot of how well you … Read more »

  • CRA Collection Letters for CERB Ineligibility & Repayment

    The Canada Revenue Agency has begun issuing formal collection letters for CERB repayment to recipients who may or may not have been eligible for the payments they received. You may have received a letter from CRA regarding CERB payments to be paid back along one of two themes we’ve seen to date: You … Read more »