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  • Zero-based budgeting: How to Give Every Dollar a Purpose

    Zero-based budgeting sounds fancy and complicated, but it’s actually an incredibly simple – but powerful – tool to help you spend smarter. If you are trying to balance your budget and increase the likelihood that you will meet financial goals like saving money or paying down debt, zero-based budgeti … Read more »

  • What To Do If Your Mortgage Is In Arrears

    Because the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial difficulty it brought with it are far from being over, many Canadians still struggle to meet their mortgage payments. Mortgage deferrals helped for a while, but those deferral periods are now largely over. For most homeowners I meet, their mortgage is … Read more »

  • Should You File Bankruptcy Before or After Divorce?

    If your marriage is soon to be over and you are struggling with debt, you may be looking to build a new start by dealing with both your legal separation and options to deal with your debt. In this situation, I am often asked, ‘Should I file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal before or after divorce?’ … Read more »

  • Can You Stop Paying Bills Before Filing Bankruptcy?

    If you plan to file bankruptcy, when should you stop paying your credit cards and other bills? Can you stop paying your creditors before you file bankruptcy, or should you wait until you have signed the paperwork? The answer depends on the type of debt, and when you are planning to file. The treatme … Read more »

  • Who’s Filing Bankruptcy in Their 30s and Why?

    Dealing with debt at any age is frustrating, but in your 30s it conflicts with your future financial goals and priorities. This is the stage in your life when you hoped to establish your career and earn more, begin building wealth and have some sense of financial security. In your 30s, too much debt … Read more »