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  • Money Talks: who handles the money when you’re Buying a Home in Nova Scotia

    One of the things that incites the most anxiety when buying or selling a home is the money, who is handling it? Luckily for home buyers and sellers your trusted professionals help you in this department. Mortgage Broker/Specialist: Determining how much you are approved to borrow, and getting approve … Read more »

  • A Real-Life Horror Story – He Died Without a Will

    Once upon a time, in a land not too far from were you are reading this, there lived a kind man. When he was young, he married. A few years later he realized the marriage was a mistake and he separated from his wife. However, divorce is expensive and their separation was agreeable so they never went … Read more »

  • Restrictive Covenants – What are they? Why should you care?

    Restrictive covenants – If you are buying home in a suburban area it is very likely your property will have them. So, what are Restrictive Covenants? Restrictive covenants are rules about the use of the property. I.e. the restrict your ability to do things on or to your property. The person (or comp … Read more »

  • What does “clean and vacant” actually mean?

    Issues with “Clean and Vacant” is something that has come up a few times this summer, so I thought I would write a short post about it. The house (and property) should be clean and tidy. Honestly, the cleaner the better, but certainly “broom clean” is a must. If you are buying, it may not hurt to in … Read more »

  • Spousal Support: Taking (some of) the mystery out of entitlement to support.

    Trying to determine whether or not you, or your spouse is entitled to spousal support upon separation can be confusing. That is because spousal support is a complicated subject that takes many different factors into account, so the answer may be very different depending on your circumstances. Spousa … Read more »