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  • Bill C-208: Tax relief for family business transfers

    On June 29, 2021, Bill C-208, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (transfer of small business or family farm or fishing corporation) received Royal Assent. The Bill amends the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the “ITA”) to make certain intergenerational transfers of certain small businesses, family farms, an … Read more »

  • Court rules we can name RRIF beneficiaries

    Designating beneficiaries of registered savings plans is an important part of financial and estate planning. For that reason, many professionals who deal with those areas as part of their everyday work were concerned by the Ontario Superior Court decision of Calmusky v. Calmusky, 2020 ONSC 1506. In … Read more »

  • Domestic violence & changes to Divorce Act

    ©8H – *Trigger warning: this article discusses a real case involving domestic violence, which may be triggering to some readers. Recent judicial interpretation and application of the expanded protections for victims of domestic violence in Family Court On March 1 of this year, there … Read more »

  • Transition from articling student to Associate

    ©kieferpix – Finishing articling can feel like reaching the mountaintop after a long, difficult and rewarding climb. With every ending comes a new beginning and the same is true for articling. After articling, it is time to look forward and start your career as a lawyer. This is an e … Read more »

  • How to decide what area of law to practice

    ©1STunningART – Some prospective lawyers know the exact area of law they intend to practice before they have even begun their first day of law school. For others, the decision does not come so easy. After all, it can be difficult to make such career-defining decisions. Law is broad, … Read more »