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  • Employee Wrongfully Dismissed for Requesting a Raise

    When employees invest time and effort into supporting their employer’s business, they naturally want to be compensated for their efforts. Some employers may offer bonuses to employees for hitting certain performance metrics. But in other instances, it is up to the employee to ask for what they belie … Read more »

  • Federal Employer Too Inflexible in Employee Transfer

    A recent Federal Court of Appeal case, Canada (Attorney General) v. Lloyd, illustrates some of the processes and rights federal employees have access to compared to their provincial counterparts. In particular, it is a judicial review of a decision by a federal agency to deny an employee’s grievance … Read more »

  • Bell Employee Terminated After Cancer Recovery Process

    The Canadian Human Rights Commission recently found discrimination based on disability in a case where a Bell Canada employee was terminated while recovering from cancer. In Luckman v. Bell Canada, the employee was diagnosed with cancer and had to take medical leave to recover from surgery. Upon ret … Read more »

  • Worker Successfully Appeals Denial of Workplace Injury Benefits

    If you are injured on the job, it is important to report the accident to your employer and seek medical attention immediately. Taking care to ensure the injury is properly reported is essential down the line if the employer takes issue with your entitlement to disability benefits, including those pr … Read more »