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  • Small Business Group Critical of Provincial Lockdown Measures

    Earlier this week, Premier Doug Ford announced a new state of emergency for the province of Ontario in light of escalating COVID-19 infections that threaten to overrun the province’s medical resources. As part of the emergency measures, the province announced a new lockdown period across all of Onta … Read more »

  • Ontario Cannabis Retailers Worry Province is Undermining Profits

    Since legal recreational cannabis was first introduced in Ontario in 2018, the industry has been booming. The brick and mortar aspect of the business was slow to get off the ground, with limited retail licences available for a handful of shops. However, in the past two years, the number of physical … Read more »

  • Hudson’s Bay Files Lockdown Lawsuit Against Ontario Government

    As the pandemic numbers began to increase in March 2020, the Ontario government reacted by closing or pausing many services and businesses that were deemed ‘non-essential’. At the time, this included most retail stores, some of which continued limited operations by offering curbside pickup, while ot … Read more »

  • Ontario Court Holds Party to Buy/Sell Clause Despite Pandemic Challenges

    The economic downturn caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of financial difficulties for businesses across Canada. However, an Ontario court refused to allow a party to escape its obligations under a shotgun buy/sell clause despite the party’s claims that the pandemic was to … Read more »

  • Ontario Opens Incorporation to Foreign-Owned Entities

    Bill 213, Ontario’s Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, was introduced in October as a means to make incorporating in Ontario simpler and more accessible for companies with foreign ownership. The Bill proposes several amendments to various pieces of legislation, but for the purposes of this … Read more »