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  • Paid leave entitlements during sickness absence: a significant change in France

    In three decisions handed down on 13 September 2023, the French Supreme Court took an unprecedented position reversing the previous case law concerning accrual of paid leave for employees absent from work due to sickness. In these decisions, the French Supreme Court ruled that all employees on sick … Read more »

  • Closing the wage theft, redundancy and domestic violence loopholes

    This article was co-authored with Millie Jones and Ying Yi Lim. As discussed in our article late last year, the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes Act 2023 (the Act)) was passed by Parliament on 7 December 2023. The Act introduced significant changes to “close the labour hire loophol … Read more »

  • Tous les salariés en arrêt maladie ont droit aux congés payés : le revirement de jurisprudence

    Par trois décisions rendues le 13 septembre 2023, la Cour de Cassation a pris une position inédite et opéré un revirement de jurisprudence concernant les règles applicables aux congés payés des salariés en arrêt maladie. Ainsi, la Cour de Cassation a considéré dans ces décisions que tous les salarié … Read more »

  • Germany: What to expect in 2024

    German employment law will introduce new legislation bringing numerous changes in 2024 that HR managers should be aware of. New legislation enters into force The factors for calculating the levels in the social insurance system were adjusted on 1 January 2024. You can find the current rates and limi … Read more »

  • Arbeitsrecht 2024: Was ändert sich?

    Das deutsche Arbeitsrecht bringt im Jahr 2024 zahlreiche Neuerungen und geplante Änderungen, die Personalverantwortliche kennen sollten. Neuerungen Zum 1. Januar 2024 wurden die Rechengrößen in der Sozialversicherung turnusgemäß an die Einkommensentwicklung angepasst. Die aktuellen Rechengrößen find … Read more »