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  • Collaborative Law vs Mediation vs Litigation: What is the Difference?

    Starting the path down the road to divorce does not look the same for everyone.  This is because the reason for a divorce is going to be different from one household to another.  If a divorce is relatively amicable, there is no reason that the divorce itself has to be nasty or messy.  However, many … Read more »

  • 20 Things to Know About Child Support in Ontario

    One of the most asked-about parenting issues we receive daily revolves around child support. In Ontario, children have the right to financial support from both of their parents. If you and your partner are separating and you have children together, you are both legally obligated to share the costs o … Read more »

  • The Differences Between Collaborative Practice and Mediation

    A peaceful divorce or separation can be hard to come by. There may be times during the separation process where it can feel impossible to resolve issues with your spouse. However, reaching a solution is not impossible. At Galbraith Family Law, we are committed to resolving family conflict with the h … Read more »

  • What to Expect Before You Go to Family Court

    Our team at Galbraith Family Law firmly believes it is best to resolve family law matters outside of the courtroom. Yet, this may not always be possible. Whether it be a stepchild adoption, issues related to support, parenting or a divorce, you may need to attend family court to resolve the matter a … Read more »

  • The Difference Between Divorce and Separation

    Separation and divorce are two major pillars and highly practiced areas in family law. While they may relate to similar issues, they are commonly regarded as the same thing. On the contrary, separation and divorce have two very different meanings, both of which are important. For couples who are fac … Read more »