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  • NHL Makes Its Return To Play During COVID-19

    Throughout COVID-19 we have been keeping track of how professional and college sports have planned their return to play. With Major League Baseball’s season behind us, the NFL in the playoffs, and the NBA underway, the NHL was the last of the major pro sports to begin a new season. We’d like to take … Read more »

  • Husband’s Reassessed Income Results In Loss Of Benefits For Wife

    While tax obligations and benefits financial benefits collected from the government might seem like distinct responsibilities and benefits, it can be the case that a taxpayer’s situation might impact their own or their family’s available benefits. A recent decision from the Tax Court of Canada shows … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Allows Tax Breaks For Those Working From Home

    The COVID-19 pandemic saw a huge increase in the number of people working from home. Many people in all parts of Canada still find themselves working from home, and likely will for some time. Of course, working from home usually means the employee faces costs they wouldn’t otherwise have to deal wit … Read more »

  • Creditors Attempt to Lower Bankrupt’s US Tax Bill to Secure Payment

    People who work or do business on both sides of the Canada-United States border often have tax obligations to both governments as well. A failure to employ a tax plan that takes these considerations into account can leave an individual with a larger tax bill than they might expect. In an interesting … Read more »

  • Question Over NCAA Compensation Makes Its Way To Supreme Court

    The compensation of college athletes in the United States has been a controversial topic that has picked up steam over the last few years. Just this week it was reported that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a petition from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) arguing that the organiz … Read more »