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  • Where Did All the Money in My Retainer Go?

    Sometimes your account is billed much quicker than you expected. In an attempt to help you save costs, our firm has prepared a list of ways you can help keep your costs lower. Be Wise: Prioritize your goals and pick your battles. Be Familiar: Familiarize yourself with our Retainer Agreement. This wi … Read more »

  • For the TikTok Generation: The Latest Way to Ask for a Divorce?

    For the TikTok Generation: The Latest Way to Ask for a Divorce?  Back about 15 years ago, the Canadian music channel MuchMusic reported that pop singer Britney Spears used an unconventional method to advise her then-husband Kevin Federline that she wanted a divorce – she sent him a text message tell … Read more »

  • Wednesday’s Video: James Barker Live at Drive-In Concert

    Wednesday’s Video: James Barker Live at Drive-In Concert  Russell Alexander Family Lawyers is proud to sponsor the Academy Theatre’s “Home Again” benefit concert. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the future viability of the city’s performance hub has been uncertain. The Lindsay Academy Theatre’s lifeb … Read more »

  • What is Considered “Cyberbullying” in Family Law?

    What is Considered “Cyberbullying” in Family Law?  One of the many repercussions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is that we have all been spending a great deal of time online:  To get information, to entertain ourselves, to share opinions, and most of all – to communicate and converse with each oth … Read more »

  • Why Am I Being Billed by People Other Than My Lawyer?

    On your account you will see a section labelled “Init”. This is where we note who was working on your file. You will often see that your lawyer’s initials are not the only ones noted there. We assign law clerks to work on your matter to save you costs as their hourly rate is at a significantly lower … Read more »