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  • Are Divorce Files Public Records in Ontario?

    When it comes to divorce records, Ontario presumes that all civil and family litigation matters are public.  The only way to seal a court file and take it out of public eyes requires an Order under section 137(2) of the Courts of Justice Act. This only needs to be submitted by a single party and […] … Read more »

  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Incorporate my Small Business?

    There is no legal requirement to retain a lawyer to incorporate a company.  Any person can incorporate a company, however, there are many benefits in utilizing a lawyer to help incorporate a company for you. We have outlined the necessary requirements that it will take to incorporate a business and … Read more »

  • The Legal Implications of Backing Out of a Real Estate Deal

    Residential real estate purchases are not always a straightforward process. Sales can take weeks between offer, acceptance and the deal “closing”.  During these uncertain times, a lot can change between signing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (“APS”) and closing. A buyer may experience buyer’s rem … Read more »

  • What Happens When Parents Disagree On Getting Their Kids Vaccinated?

    ‘Back to school’ is just around the corner, and with new regulations being considered around mandatory vaccinations for in-school learning, parents may be at odds over what to do.  Whether divorced, separated, or simply not seeing eye to eye on COVID-19, new legal challenges have emerged for those l … Read more »

  • Depression & Divorce: The Five Stages of Loss

    Irrespective of how a marriage/relationship ends there can be some mental health issues that may stem from its dissolution.  The most important thing to know is that mental health affects everyone differently but it is completely normal to experience some issues when dealing with traumatic life even … Read more »