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  • Navigating Ontario’s Business Corporations Act

    According to the December 2022 report, there are over 440 thousand small businesses operating in the Canadian province of Ontario. This number indicates a highly competitive business space in which corporations cannot afford to ignore legal compliance. So, if you decide to register a new Ontario bus … Read more »

  • Legal Foundations of Partnership Agreements

    Photo Source: Freepik   Considering forming a business partnership? Discover the essential legal foundations of partnership agreements to ensure that your venture starts on solid ground. Business partnerships are a useful and beneficial tool to use in starting, maintaining, and growing a business gi … Read more »

  • Making a Will in Ontario

    According to a BNN Bloomberg report, 54% of the population in Ontario lacks a valid will. That’s quite concerning when you consider that without this legal document, the laws of intestacy will determine who inherits your estate. This may not reflect your true desires and can lead to conflicts amoung … Read more »

  • The Dos & Don’ts in Custody Disputes

    Divorce can be a difficult process that is often filled with emotional, financial, and legal challenges that can impact every area of your life. The process can get even more complicated when children are involved, as disputes involving them can sometimes result in long and difficult custody battles … Read more »

  • Guide to Transferring Property After Death in Ontario

    Photo Source: Unsplash  Losing a loved one is a deeply emotional experience that can effect many people. Even during these times of grief, there are still many practical matters that could need attention, such as the transfer of remaining property according to the deceased’s wishes. If your loved on … Read more »