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Perspectives and information on emerging environmental law issues that affect BC, Canada and the world. A project of West Coast Environmental Law.

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  • Tired of reading election platforms? Look at these pictures instead

    Tired of reading complicated election platforms, struggling to figure out which party has your interests at heart? West Coast Environmental Law invites you to take a step back from the campaign rhetoric and look at some pretty pictures – word clouds to be precise – instead. Seriously though, sometim … Read more »

  • The oily elephant in the room in Election 2021

    The 2021 election campaign is finally bringing us debates about climate change and how to tackle it. That’s as it should be: 569 deaths (and perhaps 10x that in injuries) in BC from the Heat Dome and thousands evacuated from wildfires should count for something on… … Read more »

  • You have one vote – make it matter

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  • How hot is too hot?

    I didn’t need the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to release their latest climate assessment report to know that climate change is here now, or that it will only get worse. Did you? For years – well before last month’s Heat Dome – Indigenous and settler communities in Canada’s dry-b … Read more »

  • 2021 law students zoom through a unique summer at West Coast

    With every summer at West Coast Environmental Law, our team gets the opportunity to work with a new slate of eager law students from BC and beyond. This year – amidst an ongoing pandemic and intensifying climate impacts – the students have had a unique experience as they dipped their toes into the w … Read more »