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  • Court Awards Huge Notice Period For Covid-Era Dismissal

    Employees terminated without cause are entitled to a reasonable notice period or payment in lieu of this period. While the legislation sets out the minimum period of notice, employees may be entitled to a longer period of notice under the common law depending on the circumstances, so employers may p … Read more »

  • Fixed-Term Employment Contract – Friend Or Foe?

    Fixed-term employment contracts are used to hire an employee for a specified period of time. This is in contrast to the normal situation of employing an individual for an indefinite period. Employers may prefer a fixed-term employment contract for certain situations, such as if they only need assist … Read more »

  • Using Gig Workers? They Have Worker Rights Too

    Gig workers enter agreements with companies to provide services to their clients. They often use digital platforms to book jobs, such as delivering food or transporting people. This type of income-earning activity falls outside the scope of a traditional employment relationship and various jurisdict … Read more »

  • Can You Be Required To Undergo An Independent Medical Exam?

    Employers cannot discriminate against employees on the grounds listed in the legislation, which include disability. As a result, they need to accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities. These obligations may sound simple and easy to apply, but they frequently create a range of questions an … Read more »

  • Strong Arm Of The Law – Terminated Misclassified Employee Awarded Over $60,000

    We recently wrote about the perils of misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor. If an employer treats a worker as an independent contractor when they are actually an employee, they could be on the hook for damages in a wrongful dismissal claim and/or fines under the Employment Standar … Read more »