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  • Vaccine Passports: Which Businesses will Require Them and Who is Exempt?

    Photo by National Cancer Institute on UnsplashOn September 1, 2021, the Ontario government announced that, beginning September 22, 2021, Ontario residents will be required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (meaning that both doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine must have been administer … Read more »

  • Unvaccinated Employees and Mandatory Vaccination

    Photo by Ivan Diaz on UnsplashBoth employers and employees are asking questions related to mandatory vaccinations and consequences for employees who don’t get them. Here we run through some of those FAQs! Q: If vaccinations are deemed to be “mandatory” for workers, are there any legal exemptions? A: … Read more »

  • Time to Reconvene your Joint Health & Safety Committee

    Photo by Tai’s Captures on UnsplashOnce workers are back together in the workplace, employers will want to ensure that their health and safety policies and programs have been reviewed and account for all the changes and new ways of doing things. Your Joint Health and Safety Committee will play a rol … Read more »

  • Failure to Mitigate and Reduction of the Notice Period

    Photo by João Ferrão on UnsplashEmployees who have been wrongfully dismissed from their employment have a legal duty to mitigate. In other words, these employees must look for new employment if they wish to seek a termination payment from their former employers. Regardless of whether an employee suc … Read more »

  • The Start of Mandatory Vaccinations in Canada?

    Photo by Braňo on UnsplashLast week, the federal government announced that it will be making vaccinations mandatory for federal employees and also for those working in some federally regulated industries related to travel. You can read the news release here. The government intends to require vaccina … Read more »