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  • The Formula and Art of Termination Letters

    As lawyers who practice for both employers and employees, we know that terminations are rarely pleasant for anyone involved. After all, as the Courts have acknowledged, employment is an essential component of identity, self-worth and emotional well-being. More recent Court rulings have reminded us t … Read more »

  • Update for Federal Employers: Canada Labour Code Amendments – Now in Force, as of February 1, 2024

    Important update for all federal employers! Amendments to the Canada Labour Code are now in force as of February 1, 2024. Do you fall into this category? And if so, what does this mean for you?  Federal Employers As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, the Canada Labour Code is a federal law which se … Read more »

  • Building Our Team: Why I Love Our Annual Retreat

    Each year, our law firm goes out of town and spends a couple of days together in a big AirBnB planning the year, iterating and optimizing our systems, identifying pain points and ways to improve our client service delivery, and developing our legal skills. Where the Real Magic Happens As a fully vir … Read more »

  • Uncertainty on Both Ends of the Common Law Notice Spectrum

    During 2023, we saw the Ontario Court of Appeal uphold two decisions awarding notice periods beyond what was believed to be the “24-month cap” at 27 and 30 months respectively. In another recent Ontario decision, the Court awarded 5.5 months of pay in lieu of notice to an employee with only 5 months … Read more »

  • HR Law Compliance Steps for Super Busy Employers

    Woohoo!  Mandatory policies, postings, training, legally enforceable contracts… Actually, no client has ever told us they LOVE thinking through legal compliance for their workplace. Rather, it’s the thing you have to do on top of the other revenue-generating tasks to keep the lights on.  For owner-o … Read more »