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  • ¿Por qué no se calla?

    Chief Justice Wagner delivered another of his annual press conferences today, his seventh. One was too many, and this was a good reminder of why. Before getting to the point, though, it may be worth repeating what I said on a similar occasion two years ago. The Chief Justice’s sense that the Supreme … Read more »

  • A Strategy against Lethargy?

    In my last post, I summarized and criticized the Federal Court’s decision in Hameed v Canada (Prime Minister), 2024 FC 242, which declared that the government of Canada has a duty under the constitution to just get on with judicial appointments already. Emmett Macfarlane has made many similar points … Read more »

  • Putting the Courts Together Again

    Yesterday, the Federal Court delivered a decision declaring that the Canadian government has a constitutional duty to ensure timely judicial appointments and setting out specific targets to attain: Hameed v Canada (Prime Minister), 2024 FC 242. The outcome is a startling one, but it is Justice Brown … Read more »

  • Sotto Voce

    The Supreme Court has an inexplicable habit, especially in administrative law. Much has been written about the Court’s uneasy—to put it mildly—relationship with precedent. Especially after Bedford/Carter, which expanded the grounds on which previous precedents can be discarded, stare decisis is less … Read more »

  • #LOLNothingMatters

    I’m a bit late to the debate, I’m afraid, but I did want to say something about the Supreme Court’s decision in Commission scolaire francophone des Territoires du Nord-Ouest v. Northwest Territories (Education, Culture and Employment), 2023 SCC 31, delivered last week. The decision is very significa … Read more »