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  • Leasing Lessons from 2020: Type of Landlord Matters

    2020 has been a year. There’s not much more to say about it that hasn’t already been said. As we start 2021, should we move forward and try to forget that it ever happened (even though it has mostly carried over into the new year)? Or should we look back and take some lessons with us in the future? … Read more »

  • Employers Not Protected From COVID-19 Lawsuits Under New Legislation!

    Recently enacted legislation protects individuals, companies and the government from liability towards anyone who was exposed to and contracted COVID-19. This protection is afforded to virtually all Ontarians EXCEPT employers! The Rule and the Exception In an effort to curtail lawsuits from people w … Read more »

  • Dental Practice Sales: What do Buyers Want?

    In December, Michael Carabash discussed with the Oral Health Group the current market for dental practices and what factors make a practice attractive to potential buyers. Here are some highlights from the article, and please check out the original piece at for more details on ho … Read more »

  • Getting a Loan to Purchase a Dental Practice

    When purchasing a dental practice, most dentists finance the purchase with a bank loan. Although a bank loan seems like a simple enough concept, there are some things to consider. Here are 10 things you need to know about applying for bank loans for a dental practice purchase:  Assignment of Lease/P … Read more »

  • Employment Law Changes & Updates

    The dental industry is regulated by various laws, regulations, rules and guidelines from the government and the RCDSO. This multi-lawyered regulation can be confusing and overwhelming. And the ever-changing laws and court decisions can make it difficult for a busy dentist to keep up. That’s why we d … Read more »