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  • New Case: Are Non-Compete Clauses Enforceable in Dental Practice Sales?

    Imagine investing years into building a successful dental practice only to face legal battles over non-compete clauses. A recent Ontario Court of Appeals case sheds light on such a scenario and offers valuable lessons for dentists. Understanding Non-Compete Clauses Before we discuss the case, let’s … Read more »

  • The 2024 Federal Budget: What Dentists Need to Know

    On April 16, 2024, the federal government released the 2024 Canadian Federal Budget, introducing a series of tax changes to fund initiatives such as housing and affordability. One of the most notable changes is the increase in the capital gains inclusion rate, which significantly impacts dentists wh … Read more »

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  • Navigating Employee Dismissal: A Dentist’s Guide to Effective Mitigation Tactics

    Have you ever faced a wrongful dismissal claim at your dental practice? Over the years, we’ve discussed many ways for employer dentists to insulate against wrongful dismissal or constructive dismissal liability and best practices to avoid litigation altogether. But if you do find yourself facing suc … Read more »

  • Avoiding Costly Mistakes: Understanding Employee Risks in Dental Practice Transactions

    What happens to the employees of small businesses when they are purchased or sold? In a recent Ontario Court of Appeal case, Manthadi v ASCO Manufacturing (“Manthadi“), important precedents were set regarding employee rights and obligations during business transitions. What should have been a simple … Read more »