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  • How To Transition A Dental Practice Without Landlord Drama

    When it comes to dental practice transitions, there is one piece of the equation that can slow things down or even grind things to a halt if not handled correctly. Everything else could be lined up to a tee: the legal documents are settled; the buyer’s lending bank agreed to provide financing; the b … Read more »

  • Employment Law Changes & Updates

    The dental industry is regulated by various laws, regulations, rules and guidelines from the government and the RCDSO. This multi-lawyered regulation can be confusing and overwhelming. And the ever-changing laws and court decisions can make it difficult for a busy dentist to keep up. That’s why we d … Read more »

  • Will Incorporating Make You (Legally) Bulletproof? Not Quite

    Most dentists have heard of a Dentistry Professional Corporations (DPC) and may have even thought about creating one to run their dental practice. If you have, you would have quickly found that one of the benefits of incorporating is the enhanced protection that a company provides compared to owning … Read more »

  • 3 Things To Do Before Making An Offer On A Dental Practice

    It is easy to get carried away and full of enthusiasm when you come across a dental practice for sale that seems to check all the boxes on your list. But without a well-thought-out plan, it may all be for nothing. So, what should you consider before putting in an offer? In a recent blog post, we rev … Read more »