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  • New COVID-Related Paid Days Off -UPDATED May 4th

    This information has been updated as of May 4th. We will continue to keep you informed of any future updates as they occur. New amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) under the COVID-19 Putting Workers First Act, 2021 now mandate 3 paid infectious disease emergency leave (IDEL) days … Read more »

  • Employment Law Changes & Updates

    The dental industry is regulated by various laws, regulations, rules and guidelines from the government and the RCDSO. This multi-lawyered regulation can be confusing and overwhelming. And the ever-changing laws and court decisions can make it difficult for a busy dentist to keep up. That’s why we d … Read more »

  • DMC News & Updates

    We all know the dental industry is always busy so of course, so are we. Check out what we’ve been up to below, and don’t forget you can sign up here to receive all the DMC updates you want and enjoy subscriber exclusives direct to your inbox! DMC In The News Check out DMC’s latest published articles … Read more »

  • Selling to a DSO: What Dentists Need To Know!

    Dental Service Organizations (“DSOs”) come in many different shapes and sizes, but the larger and more established ones typically have a structure that involves non-dentist organizations teaming up with dentists to buy and manage dental practices. Here, the non-dentist organization offers (non-clini … Read more »

  • Assigning Your Lease – What’s Unreasonable Landlord Behaviour?

    Who is the most crucial party in the sale of your dental practice? You may think you are, being the person who built up the successful practice. Or maybe the buyer since you must rely on them to follow through with the purchase. But sometimes, it can all come down to someone else entirely. Someone w … Read more »