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  • Express Trusts

    The BC Court of Appeal in Xu v Hu 2021 BC CA 2   overturned a finding of the trial judge who had found an express trust over a parcel of property. The appeal court found that the findings of fact did not establish the certainties of intention and object necessary to establish an express trust. In or … Read more »

  • Abusive Parents

    In my practice of acting for disinherited people, I frequently encounter adult children who have been raised by abusive, even toxic parents. It comes with the territory. I have frequently told clients that it takes absolutely no skill to become a parent, but takes a combination of lots of skill, lov … Read more »

  • Certificates of Pending Litigation (CPL)

    Lipskaya v Guo 2020 BCSC 2090 canceled a certificate of pending litigation registered against the property where the owner was indebted to her for arrears of child maintenance. The court found that the certificate of pending litigation (CPL) had been improperly filed as the claim did not disclose an … Read more »

  • Video Evidence Is Admissible

    In the past several years there has been a great increase in the receipt and admissibility of video evidence in civil litigation, as the necessary technology has improved and become ubiquitous. During the COVID-19 pandemic, video evidence is commonplace. It is not confined to witnesses testifying to … Read more »

  • Ordinarily Resident

    Waslenchuk estate 2020 BCSC 1929 dealt with a common issue in estate litigation- when will wills made in other jurisdictions apply to British Columbia- the issue usually is resolved by where was the deceased ordinarily resident. Section 101 of WESA provides that regardless of where a will is made, t … Read more »