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  • More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022

    The Ontario provincial government has introduced new legislation in the form of the More Homes Built Faster Act (Bill 23) to support Ontario’s newest Housing Supply Action Plan. Bill 23 is intended to provide the groundwork to increase the housing supply and affordable housing options for Ontarians … Read more »

  • Student Rights During a Teacher Strike

    At the time of this article, Ontario’s education workers are on strike and Ontario’s public schools are closed to students.  It is important to note that teachers (licensed teachers) are not on strike and are not doing anything to close the schools.  Ontario’s school board’s have decided that they c … Read more »

  • Divorce and Support Payments: Living in Canada But Married, or Even Divorced Elsewhere?

    Just because you were married elsewhere, or maybe even have a divorce from a foreign country, does not necessarily mean that our Courts in Canada will not hear your matter. Take for example, a recent case in 2017, where the Court of Appeal[1] handled a case where a Canadian citizen (husband) was mar … Read more »

  • The Other Party Won’t Follow our Court Order – What do I do?

    “Orders are not suggestions” is a common sentiment in family court. In light of the time, money, and effort that is involved in securing a final court order, it is no wonder that someone would become frustrated by the other party’s refusal to comply with its terms. A common question faced by lawyers … Read more »

  • Employers Must Exercise Fair and Reasonable Discretion in Awarding Discretionary Bonuses

    By David Heppenstall and Abby Leung Bowen v. JC Clark Ltd., 2022 ONCA 614 (CanLII) If an employee is terminated without cause, are they entitled to discretionary bonuses? In Bowen v JC Clark Ltd,[1] two portfolio managers at JC Clark were terminated on a without-cause basis and were each given two w … Read more »