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  • Why Everyone Should Have a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property: A Personal Injury Context

    As is the case with wills, many choose to defer preparing a Power of Attorney, assuming that one will not be required in the near future. Unfortunately, unexpected events can happen at any time, and, having a Power of Attorney ready is a way to ensure that your rights are protected if you do unexpec … Read more »

  • Mediator Selection: Skills Often More Important than Expertise

    As per Rule 24.1 of Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure, certain court proceedings in Ontario are subject to mandatory mediation. Even if it is not mandatory in a particular proceeding, mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution that parties may want to consider to avoid a full trial, reduce … Read more »

  • Canadian Post-Graduate Work Permit Extension

    International students in Canada often rely on the coveted post-graduate work permit (PGWP) to secure jobs after graduation, which experience often goes on to earn them essential points in Canada’s Express Entry route to permanent residence. As covered in one of our previous blogs, this valuable Can … Read more »

  • Quelling the “Magna Carta Lawful Rebellion”: Part Two

    . . . MCLR gurus harm people. [. . . .]. These gurus teach illusions that will predictably fail. They promise much, but their clientele gets less than nothing.[1] In spite of a recent decision of the Alberta court which should have persuaded her otherwise,[2] “Jacquie Phoenix”, whose last name is re … Read more »

  • Sharing The Holidays After Separation

    Holidays can be difficult for separated families. It may be impossible for the children to celebrate with both parents and their families or to have the most important time, that is, Christmas morning, with both parents. So how can separated parents divide up those special times?  Doing so can be on … Read more »