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  • How to Make Debt Collectors Stop Calling

    It’s common to feel anxiety when you have debts that you are unable to pay. This feeling is increased by the phone calls you receive from debt collection agencies. These calls can often be threatening or intimidating as the collection agents try different tactics to try to get you to make a payment. … Read more »

  • Canada Revenue Agency Has Frozen My Bank Account… What Do I Do?

    Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a very heavy hand when it comes to collecting on income taxes which can include seizing your bank account. This is usually the last resort, after repeated phone calls and letters so you can’t pretend this is a surprise. You may not have believed they’d do something li … Read more »

  • Three Ways to Get Ahead of Your Debt in 2021

    It might be a surprising fact to learn that the world wants you to go into debt. Congratulations you are pre-approved! Buy now, don’t pay for a year! These are basically tricks to make you slave to an interest payment. Before you know it, your payments are not even budging your overall balance. You … Read more »

  • How to Start a Budget

    Keeping a monthly budget is an essential part of healthy finances, no matter how much money you make. A budget is simply a plan for where your money will go before you spend it. But it can be daunting to get started. If you haven’t started to budget yet, you are not alone. Less than half of Canadian … Read more »

  • Debt and Divorce: A Common Cause of Bankruptcy

    There are countless things that cause Canadians to experience financial difficulty. Things such as job loss, poor spending choices and being a victim of fraud are just a few reasons behind Canadians’ financial troubles. Among these, a relationship change, whether that means a breakup, separation, or … Read more »