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  • Is the right to disconnect a good or bad thing?

    The old idea that work ends when you walk out the door is irrelevant to most modern employees. Even those who work fixed shifts know the pain and frustration of receiving a text or call from a manager asking you to work on your day off. The pandemic further blurred the lines between work and home as … Read more »

  • Law Society of Ontario ending certified specialist program

    Most people probably didn’t know that the LSO has a certified specialist program. Following a study conducted by the law society’s competency task force, the certification will be decommissioned. The only exception is the Indigenous Legal issues certification. This certification is being kept in rec … Read more »

  • Do Seasonal Employees Have Rights? YES!

    Anyone who has searched for work has come across job listings specifying a seasonal term with the “opportunity” to extend or gain full-time employment. While there are many mutually beneficial employment opportunities to be found in a variety of seasonal sectors, it goes without saying that seasonal … Read more »

  • How the End of the COVID-19 Layoff Period Affects Your Employment

    With the school year ending and spring fading into the heat of summer, there is one other change Ontarians need to keep in mind before donning their sunglasses and taking some much-needed time off – the COVID-19 Period is finally coming to an end.   What Is the COVID-19 Period? During the pandemic, … Read more »

  • Misleading your employee might cost you dearly

    In the recent decision of Gascon v Newmont Goldcorp, the court determined that misleading an employee as to the future of their employment can give rise to additional damages. In Gascon, an employer selling a mine knew that the General Manager would lose their employment as a result. Despite knowing … Read more »