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  • ABCA Rules Federal Impact Assessment Act Unconstitutional

    In a decision sure to have a significant impact on the province’s oil and gas industry, Alberta’s top court has ruled that the federal Impact Assessment Act, implemented in 2019, is an unconstitutional exercise of power. The law grants federal oversight over a host of projects and mandates a lengthy … Read more »

  • Alberta Human Rights Tribunal Awards Record Damages for Sexual Harassment

    The human resources professionals employed by any organization are meant to serve the interests of both the employer and the employee. They help protect the interests of the organization by ensuring that the company is meeting its requirements with respect to the treatment of employees, as well as p … Read more »

  • Addiction & Impairment in the Workplace

    Addiction issues in the workplace can be highly complicated for both employees and employers. On the one hand, impairment at work can create liability issues if an employee cannot carry out their duties properly. In jobs involving dangerous equipment where physical safety is a primary concern, such … Read more »

  • Severing Joint Tenancy After the Death of an Owner

    Typically, when one joint tenant of a home dies, their interest in the home passes automatically by right of survivorship to the surviving joint tenant. However, this matter can become complicated when the joint tenants are former spouses who divorced and then remarry without making changes to the o … Read more »

  • Employee Uses Oppression Claim to Impose Personal Liability Against Former Employers

    When an employee brings a claim against their former employer for wrongful dismissal, the most common issues to be determined is whether the employee was wrongfully dismissed, and if so, the appropriate calculation for damages. However, the matter becomes complicated if the former employer no longer … Read more »