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  • Navigating Injury Claims Involving Amputation

    Life can sometimes take an unexpected turn, reshaping our existence in ways we never imagined. Personal injuries resulting in either partial or total limb amputation are among the most profound and life-altering experiences one can endure. Whether due to a traumatic accident, medical necessity, or o … Read more »

  • Cross-Border Considerations: Road Trip Preparation for Canadian Travellers

    As the winter chill settles over Alberta, many Canadians prefer to migrate south, trading frost and snow for the sun and sea. Whether exploring the United States by RV or arranging a spring break shopping excursion, there are a few vehicle-related steps to ensure your trip goes smoothly.  Before hit … Read more »

  • Calculating Income Loss After an Accident

    Personal injury incidents can have devastating consequences, which often extend beyond physical harm to include significant financial repercussions. In many personal injury cases, it is not uncommon for a plaintiff’s injuries to impact their ability to earn an income during their recovery. In some i … Read more »

  • Anatomy of a Medical Malpractice Claim

    Albertans entrust our well-being to the skilled hands of medical professionals, relying on their expertise to heal, not harm. However, when the unthinkable occurs and medical treatment goes awry, the consequences can be devastating both physically and emotionally. As such, injured individuals will o … Read more »

  • Navigating Loss and Wrongful Death Claims in Alberta

    In the face of tragedy, the loss of a loved one is an experience that no one can truly prepare for. The pain and complex emotions that accompany such an event are immeasurable. In some cases, the aftermath leaves loved ones grappling with the complex legal landscape of a wrongful death claim. In Alb … Read more »