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  • Celebrating a Milestone: The Grand Opening of Crossroads Law's New Calgary Office

    At the end of May, we celebrated a significant milestone – the grand opening of our first dedicated office in Calgary.While celebrating this new chapter in our firm’s journey, we also reflected on the remarkable growth and successes that have brought us to this point. None of this would have been po … Read more »

  • Meet Anchal Gupta, Our Newest Vancouver Family Lawyer

    It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the arrival of Anchal Gupta, the newest family lawyer to join our expanding Crossroads Law team in Vancouver.Anchal began her legal career at Rogers Communications as in-house counsel, which provided her with a solid foundation in corporate legal matters. … Read more »

  • Is the Party Over? The Crossroads of Substance Use and Parenting

    By Sheri Ferguson, Senior Calgary Family LawyerThere are many areas of a parent’s life with little or no regulation—until a separation occurs. Suddenly, as many parents discover, everything changes. Whether recreational or habitual, substance use can significantly influence decisions around custody … Read more »

  • How to Prepare for your First Collaborative 4-way Meeting

    By Melissa Salfi, Vancouver Senior Family and Collaborative Divorce LawyerCollaborative divorce is a transformative approach to separation, where the aim is to resolve family law matters cooperatively. Unlike traditional divorce proceedings that are often more adversarial in nature, the collaborativ … Read more »

  • It Takes a Team: Why You May Need More Than Just a Lawyer in Divorce

    By Sheri Ferguson, Senior Alberta Family LawyerDivorce is a complex, emotional rollercoaster that can affect every aspect of your life. During this turbulent time, disagreements over parenting time, selling the family home, or dividing other significant family possessions can lead to unexpected emot … Read more »