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  • How Do I Obtain a Desk Order Divorce?

    Melissa Salfi, family lawyer, mediator, fertility lawyerGetting a divorce from the court can be a straightforward family law process if you and your ex agree on everything and if you have the time to do all the paperwork yourself. A desk order divorce, also known as an uncontested divorce, is a proc … Read more »

  • Where There is a Will – There is a Way.

    Vancouver Family Lawyer and Estate Planning Lawyer Jenna Lalani Why is it important to have a Will in place?“It is on my TO-DO list!”. We have all made this excuse. However, putting together an estate plan including a Last Will and Testament should be at the top of that list. A Last Will and Testame … Read more »

  • Welcome to our newest Vancouver family lawyer, Jenna Lalani

    As we enter a new year, Crossroads Law is excited to announce the addition of another lawyer to our growing Vancouver office. Jenna Lalani is a detailed orientated lawyer with experience in family law and estate planning. Jenna strongly believes in a collaborative approach to family law, but she is … Read more »

  • University of Calgary | Law alumni drive change in legal profession

    Coach My Case will help clients navigate systemCoach My Case, which will launch in January in Alberta and British Columbia, is a completely online service that empowers self-represented litigants with legal assistance in the background while they run their case. A range of service levels provided by … Read more »

  • Welcome to our newest Calgary family lawyer, Gary Bhattal

    Crossroads Law is very pleased to announce the addition of our newest Calgary family lawyer, Gary Bhattal. Gary has experience working on very large and complex family law litigation. He strives to provide advice that is practical and efficient and he is passionate about achieving successful outcome … Read more »