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  • Marcus M. Sixta named one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada

    The team at Crossroads Law is proud to announce that our founder, Marcus M. Sixta has been named one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada! This prestigious award from Canadian Lawyer acknowledges Marcus’ work to develop Coach My Case and create a new type of legal service that is improvi … Read more »

  • Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements in Alberta: More Than Money on Global News Radio

    Marcus Sixta sits down with Faisal Karmali and Dave Popowich from More Than Money on Global News Radio to answer some common questions about prenuptial and cohabitation agreements in Alberta. What are the considerations and how are they different if you are part of a blended family? What is the most … Read more »

  • Pets are just property in the eyes of the law

    By Jenna Lalani, Estate Planning and Family Lawyer, VancouverWhile the law is continuously evolving, pets are still considered property in the eyes of the law.If you are preparing an estate plan and deciding who gets which assets, the question may come up, “can I make someone take care of my pet?” A … Read more »

  • Does my spouse have a right to my pension?

    Gary Bhattal, Calgary Family LawyerAcross provinces, Canadian family law legislation interprets “property” to include real and personal property, including all interests in that property, contingent or vested.Pensions?They are family property, too.Canadian Family Law has progressed since the days of … Read more »

  • Is Cryptocurrency Considered Matrimonial Property?

    By Gary Bhattal, Family Lawyer, CalgaryAs the interest in cryptocurrency investments continues to grow, a key question for separating or divorcing Canadians has been whether they must disclose and include their cryptocurrency when dividing matrimonial property.This question was recently before the c … Read more »