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  • Stephen Lindsay – Human Memory: From Facts to Falsehoods (#31)

    Moment by moment the mind-brain is making inferences or attributions about the origins or sources of its own contents. ~ Professor Stephen Lindsay Professor Stephen Lindsay (@dstephenlindsay) is a cognitive psychologist and the head of The Lindsay Lab at the University of Victoria. Much of his work … Read more »

  • Glenn Tkach – Really Gay Legal History (#30)

    It’s a history of an entire society that became more accepting of the diversity within it. ~ Glenn Tkach Glen Tkach (web) is a voiceover artist, storyteller and tour guide with the Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours (Twitter | Instagram) company. Glenn is also the creator of Vancouver’s Really Gay Hi … Read more »

  • Nicole Aylwin – Managing Stress through Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy (#29)

    We can’t think our way out of stress. The body keeps the score. ~ Nicole Aylwin Nicole Aylwin (web) is a Canadian leader in access to justice research and the design of modern, flexible, user-focused dispute resolution processes.  Nicole is a part-time Member of Ontario’s Condominium Authority Tribu … Read more »

  • Brandon Hastings – Hacking, Access and the Young Lawyers’ Soapbox (#28)

    Make sure you’re not getting trapped in a path you’re not interested in. ~ Brandon Hastings Brandon Hastings (@BHastingsLaw) is a Vancouver-based lawyer and mediator. He is also a co-founder of Vancouver Legal Hackers (@LegalHackersVAN), founder of The Justice Hack (@thejusticehack) and a director ( … Read more »

  • Major Sherry MacLeod – the Armed Forces Lawyer (#27)

    Anytime you’re in conflict, you don’t have a perfect picture. You don’t have the luxury of time. ~ Major Sherry MacLeod Major Sherry MacLeod (linkedin) is a lawyer who has served with the Canadian Armed Forces in Canada, the US and overseas. As a legal professional, she already shows a commitment to … Read more »