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  • A little thanks goes a long way – Condo Director Appreciation

    Taking on the role of a condominium director can at times be rewarding but other times board members can be faced with disgruntled owners with harsh criticisms who voice their concerns at owners’ meetings. Although sometimes the criticisms may be warranted, for instance, in situations where boards h … Read more »

  • The Importance of Full Disclosure in Status Certificates

    A status certificate is a crucial document for prospective purchasers. This document serves as a comprehensive guide, offering a point-in-time snapshot of the condominium corporation’s fiscal health, potential circumstances which may result in an increase in common expenses, ongoing legal matters, a … Read more »

  • 2023: A Condo Year-End Review

    “Another year over. And what have we done?” It has been a busy year for the condo industry in Ontario, while pandemic-related issues quietly took a back seat. Globally, political, economic and environmental issues made headlines. Here at home, interest rates rose as the Bank of Canada tried to conta … Read more »

  • Tendering for Condominiums

    It is not uncommon that lawyers are asked to review signed contracts from clients after the lengthy tendering process has already been completed. But there are reasons why you may want to involve your lawyer much earlier on in the process and here are the reasons why: What is the Tender/Procurement … Read more »

  • Termination of Condos – Article in CM Magazine

    Denise Lash recently wrote an article in CM Magazine on termination of condos. Check out her article, “The End of the Line”, for an overview of the termination process under section 124 of the Condominium Act. Although there haven’t been too many instances of terminations of condos in Ontario, aging … Read more »