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  • What the Proof of Vaccination Requirement Means for Condominiums

    As of September 22, 2021, proof of vaccination will be required for all “patrons” who enter certain businesses and organizations – for certain purposes – in Ontario. On September 14, 2021 the regulations outlining requirements for proof of vaccination were published, offering more insight on what, a … Read more »

  • CAT Upholds Rule Respecting Visitors Parking

    As our readers will know, CAT’s jurisdiction now includes disputes about parking provisions in a condominium’s governing documents. In the recent case of Essex Condominium Corporation No. 25 v. Ferrari et al, the condominium corporation applied to CAT for an order prohibiting two residents from cont … Read more »

  • Episode 14 – Summer Q&A with DHA

    Our summer Q&A session was held on August 20, 2021. Some of our readers might have noticed our recent blog from Jim containing additional notes arising from that session. Well, if you missed the session, you can now listen to the entire session at a time of your choosing as it is now the latest epis … Read more »

  • Election Canvassing and Condominiums in the Age of COVID-19

    With a federal election scheduled for September of this year, the questions surrounding election canvassing and election signs are coming up again. This time, there is the additional question of how COVID-19 restrictions may impact canvasing. Election canvassing Under s. 118 of the Condominium Act, … Read more »

  • Vaccines – Changing Government Directives… Our Thoughts for Condominiums

    We have been keeping a close eye on the ever-changing COVID-19 situation and the new directives coming out about vaccines, vaccine policies and vaccine passports. Since our post about mandatory vaccinations last month, some universities are requiring proof of vaccinations. The federal government is … Read more »