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  • CAT Orders Smoker to Pay for Air Purifier Required by Neighbour

    In the case of Baker v. Pecarski, one of the residents was smoking in contravention of the condominium corporation’s “no smoking” rule. The neighboring owner was forced to purchase an air purifier “to alleviate the impact of the second-hand smoke which was migrating into and interfering with their u … Read more »

  • The CAT Deals With Complaints About Noise

    In the case of Hovagimian v. TSCC 1754, an owner complained about intermittent party noise, in the early morning hours, coming from the unit above and occurring over a number of years. The complaining owner claimed that the condominium corporation had failed to take reasonable steps to address the n … Read more »

  • CAT Orders Tenant to Stop Smoking Cannabis

    In the case of MTCC 1002 v. Ruiz, the Tribunal held that a tenant was smoking cannabis in contravention of the condominium corporation’s rules and ordered the tenant to stop smoking cannabis. The Tribunal also held that the condominium’s Board of Directors had reasonably concluded that the tenant wa … Read more »

  • Condominium Corporation Failed to Maintain Statutorily Required Records

    The case of Sidhu v Peel Condominium Corporation No. 426 involved a unit owner’s application to the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) for certain records of the Corporation that the owner claimed PCC 426 refused to provide without reasonable excuse. Mr. Sidhu sought the following remedies at the … Read more »

  • Condo Cases Across Canada Celebrates 20 Years

    Wow – 20 years! As you may know, Condo Cases Across Canada (CCAC) is an online library of condominium decisions from across Canada – published by the Canadian Condominium Institute, National Chapter.   In 2003, our very own Jim Davidson began culling recent case law to summarize key decisions in the … Read more »