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  • Some Clarity (or Not) Re “Acts or Omissions”

    As many of our readers will know, an owner may in some cases be responsible for insured damage falling with the deductible on the condominium corporation’s insurance policy.   For example, Section 105 (2) of the Condominium Act, 1998, renders an owner responsible for deductible damage (to the owner’ … Read more »

  • The Silver Lining – Condominium Meetings and Accessibility

    The fact that we’ve been forced to meet virtually has, I think, given some owners greater access to condominium meetings. [Note that owners who don’t have access to a computer can attend by phone, and can participate quite effectively, which also helps with access to such meetings.] Here are some th … Read more »

  • What Does the Shutdown Mean for Permitted Work in Condominiums?

    Again, the province’s latest emergency order significantly restricts the permitted activities in the province. What sort of work and activities can still be carried out by condominium corporations (and their owners)? The notice from the province lists many services and types of work that are still p … Read more »

  • Some Words About Warranties

    Very generally, a warranty is a promise that work or materials will perform in a certain way… and a promise to take certain steps if they don’t (usually replacement of failed components – but not always). In most cases, a warranty does not depend upon the performance of the contractor or the manufac … Read more »

  • Province Announces Second Emergency: How Will This Impact Condominiums?

    The Ontario government has declared a second provincial emergency under section 7.01(1) of the Emergency Civil Management and Protection Act, 1990 (ECMPA). This decision was announced in light of the significant increase in COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks and the imminent threat to the provin … Read more »